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For helpful Sapphire or Ruby Palace information, check out the Jewel Palace Play Guide section of the Help Center.

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The Palace of Destiny sentries are here to assist you. If you need help, remember this:

  1. Puzzles are found in treasure chests. When you have a solution to a puzzle, click on the door guarded by the sentries — they may let you pass. A RED door will require a password — click on it to enter the password once you have figured it out. A GREEN door will let you pass to a new region — just click on it! A BLUE door means that you have entered the correct password, but the sentries are not quite ready to let you through — come back later. A WHITE door will take you to the previous region.
  2. Click around: there may be things in the room or on the walls that will help you.
  3. The magic mirror is there to help. Each region will have a mirror on a wall that will lead to three hints. The first hint will be a little nudge. The third hint should really help if you are stuck.
  4. Internet research is not only acceptable, it’s part of the game! Often there is a specific page on the internet that will be all you need.
  5. Phone a friend! Collaborating with family, friends, and colleagues is encouraged. Invite friends to play!
  6. Don’t give up! Sometimes frustration forces creative thinking, which can lead to the “aha” you need to solve a puzzle.
  7. Give up! Take a break and come back later. The puzzles aren’t timed!
  8. If you need a lifeline, send a note to

For more information, visit the Palace of Destiny FAQ or Palace of Destiny Collaborative Play Guide.