Palace of Destiny Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Palace of Destiny?

The Palace of Destiny is an untimed online adventure in which players travel through rooms of a virtual “palace,” solving puzzles along the way. The puzzles can be solved at your pace and more rooms will open up over time. Feel free to use the internet to help solve puzzles — in fact, light internet research will be necessary for some rooms. We also suggest that you play with a notepad and pen/pencil nearby. We encourage you to play with friends — either with one account or with multiple accounts. Collaborating is encouraged! Hints are available for each puzzle — feel free to use them if you are stumped.

Where do I start?

To play the Palace of Destiny, we invite you to join the Palacesphere. This free account will give you access to the game and help track your progress.

Is internet research cheating?

No! The game is designed to be used with the internet, and some puzzles will all but require it. Search away!

What does the game cost?

The Palace of Destiny is a free game. If you would like to donate to support Palace Games, you may do so here.

How many rooms are there? What is supposed to happen at the end?

How many rooms is a mystery for you to discover in time. As you make your way through the Palace, solving puzzles along the way, you may come to a BLUE door that won’t open. This is not the end! The door will open up in time and the adventure will continue.

How frequently will new rooms become available?

Our current plan is to open up new rooms once or twice a week. We may change that frequency, based on player feedback and our bandwidth in these uncertain times. Hang with us!

How will we know when new rooms open up?

We will send an email to Palacesphere members when new rooms open up. If you don’t wish to receive these emails, you can opt out in your Palacesphere account settings page. But in that case, you will have to check back periodically to see if a new room has opened up.

Do I need a Palacesphere account to play?

Yes, please. A Palacesphere account is required to play. There is no charge for this account. The account will enable us to save your progress and will allow you to play across multiple devices. We will periodically send messages to the email associated with your account, but you can opt out of receiving this email if you so choose.

We invite you to create your free Palacesphere account here.

What if I need a hint?

Look around for a mirror on a wall. If there is no mirror on any wall, there should be one in a nearby room in that particular region. Click on the mirror for hints. If you need more help, ask a friend! If you really need a lifeline, email us at [email protected]. Here are more tips on how to get help if you are stuck.

What if I need help with my account?

If you have problems or questions with your account, or have any feedback, please email us at [email protected].

Can I play on my phone?

We recommend playing the game on a laptop or desktop, but it should work on most mobile devices.

Can I play with others?

You are welcome to play Palace of Destiny alone or you can collaborate with friends! Check out our Palace of Destiny Collaborative Play Guide for tips!